10 things only an Assamese girl can relate. 

1. Modern in Outlook yet rooted in tradition. 

An Assamese girl looks drop dead gorgeous in mekhala chadar. Nothing can beat this look. But they can carry of the western outfits equally well. 

2. She is the girl next door. 

Mostly Assamese girls are extrovert. They don’t hesitate in making friends and can mix up easily. 

3. Bihu Dance and songs. 

Bihu is a feeling. Only an Assamese girl can relate to this feeling. They get excited during this festival and participate in dances and songs in the best way possible. 

4. Addressing the unknown as “Dada “

Everytime they need help from an unknown, an Assamese girl addresses the person as “dada” .This makes things simple and convinent. 

5. Common names are “bhonti ” and “maina

Every Assamese girl has been addressed  these two names by others. So these names are familiar to every Assamese girl. 

6.Assamese  Recipes 

Most of the Assamese girls are expert in making assamese recipes . They usually include pithas,jolpan, khorisa,achaar and many other mouth watering recipies. 

7. Jakoi and Dheki 

Though these practices are rarely seen nowadays, yet they haven’t gone extinct. Even though they some practice, these are familiar to them and really close to their heart. 

8.  Getting strict advices every now and then. 

Assam is definitely not the safest place for girls. Most parents always tend to advise them in every little matter which assamese girls are tired of hearing. 

9. Addressing their fathers as “Deuta”

Calling deuta is completely a different feeling. Only an Assamese girl knows the friendly feeling they get by addressing their fathers as deuta. Also a feeling of respect is associated with it. 

10. Saraswati Puja 

Saraswati puja is completely a different affair in Assam.And every Assamese girl gets excited and prepares themselves in best of their limits. 

Author: happysoul7

A girl with a difference trying to fit into the changing world.

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